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If your content looks like every other video on the platform, your not going to see the results you expect.

There is no uniqueness. You're not sharing Y-O-U. You're blending in with the "sea of sameness", a dreaded place to be in business.

Here's how to fix that...

Create three types of content:

Awareness content

This is the trending sounds/skits.

This type of content is designed to turn viewers into followers.

20% of your content should be in this bucket.

Education content:

Tell stories, teach lessons, how to videos, bust popular myths in your industry, answer questions, reply to comments, share what you stand for/against, share your plan (to solve your market's problems), share your life/business philosophy, share a controversial opinion on something in your niche.

Share YOU -- your weirdness & your quirks.

These posts are designed to turn your followers into fans.

60% of your content should be in this bucket.

Conversion content

This is where you ask your audience to do something -- Leave a comment, send a DM, click the link in the bio, follow me on IG/FB/wherever.

These videos are designed to turn your fans into customers.

20% of your content should be in this bucket.

Share more you is my biggest piece of advice.

Trends are cool, and should be PART of your strategy, not your entire strategy.

I see so many people in this group who are trying to go viral and get views/followers, but we're trying to monetize our audience.

The high schoolers who try to go viral are doing it for validation, they're not trying to build a business. We are. We need an actual strategy in place.

With all that being said, my hat is off to you for putting in the work for months.

Good work!

Most people in this group complain after 1 or 2 weeks on the platform. You've got a long term mindset, which is such a crucial piece to the puzzle for business success.

Share your unapologetic self! All of it -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

That's what resonates with your marketplace.

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