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Hi, I'm Craig

"Start where you are and grow from there. It's never too late to build your freedom business."

Let's GROW 🚀

In the early 2000's I grew my first digital agency to 7 figures where we merged the traditional worlds of TV, Print, radio and direct marketing with the digital world of websites, emails, automation and data analytics. 

Since then I've advised thousands entrepreneurs, businesses and global brands on how to use technology to drive over $100+ million is sales.

When you work with me, you get a unique set of skills and experiences at your fingertips where I draw on 20 years of marketing and technology experience from the analog and digital worlds to help you explode your growth. 

I've helped a lot of entrepreneurs get started the right way and your next.

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Helping you Start and grow an ONLINE BUSINESS

My entrepreneurial journey started quite young.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be in business.

In the 90's I had a paper route, a lawn cutting business and I installed car stereos for for cash, earning enough money to buy my own cars and have lots of spending cash in my pockets.

I worked at jobs like the auto parts counter and in a kitchen as a dishwasher and line cook but I just couldn't handle just working a job for someone else. I knew entrepreneurship was the way so I focused there.  

I built my first real business as part of Junior Achievement Canada in my early teens. We manufactured custom holiday ornaments and sold them at the local grocery stores and to friends, family and neighbors. Old school face to face selling and cold outreach. 

In those days, the internet was just getting started. No YouTube, No social media. Just chatrooms, web pages and email. I spent years exploring computers and studied how businesses could use it for marketing and selling products and services online.

Because I knew so much about computers and the internet was still so new, businesses paid me thousands of dollars to build them computers, setup networks and install software and manage their business systems.

I was a DJ in my late teens and early adulthood.

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I loved to collect vinyl and throw huge parties and raves for friends which turned into bigger events in community halls of over 300 people.

I was all of a sudden an event promoter/DJ selling tickets to my shows. I learned a lot about night club and event marketing and even tried to launch an online community called GoClubbing.com. It was before it's time and failed miserably.

In the Dot com era, I helped start a web based golf course software application(before they were called SaaS). We raised a round of financing and then the bottom fell out of the Dot Com bubble. I learned a lot of lessons about business, marketing, sales, partnerships and financing that I still use today.

From Zero to 7 Figure Agency

After that, in the early 2000s, I founded my first digital marketing agency with 3 partners. We started cold calling and networking at events to find business. We used testimonials and case studies of the projects we had just finished and built a portfolio we would carry around to client offices to tell the story of internet marketing riches.

Two years in, we grew from $30k in our 1st year to over 7 figures by year 3 all by helping businesses get online and go digital with their marketing strategy. We built websites, landing pages and email lists for all our clients and then turned those leads in to paying customers and raving fans.

We worked with a lot of amazing companies and solved a lot of big problems and generated a boat load of sales.

I even took on a Director role for the Canadian Marketing Association in Calgary and threw crazy event and party's for marketing professionals in Canada. After a half decade in the agency business, I was burnt out and decided to take a break.

I went on a two month hiatus to Costa Rica to just chill out and regroup on my next move.

Sitting on the beach, clients were calling and I just couldn't resist. This time was different. It was just me starting on my solopreneur journey.

I wanted a business where I was in control of my future.

Where my income was only limited by my ability to execute so I started a new consulting company and picked only the best projects to work on. Business exploded and the growth continues.

I've advised and worked with a lot of great companies I'm proud to call my clients and I look forward to the new relationships to come in the future.


Everyone Needs a Side Hustle

Consulting was very lucrative but very time consuming. I burnt out with the agency life and consulting was very similar.... 

I needed an online business where I didn't need to trade all my time for money.

I had plenty of money. I just didn't have enough time.

The internet and online business models always intrigued me from very early on. 

I couldn't resist working on a side hustle or two while running my consulting company and one of them I launched was designing and manufacturing my own kiteboarding gear.

I created my own private-label kites and sold them to customers around the world.

This was a fun business and how I met my wife too.


Online Business is the way...

Selling kites online taught me a lot about the power of selling online. I built an ebay store and later a Shopify store to sell not only kites but other outdoor gear and products. I was one of Alibaba early customers finding products I could put a brand on and sell them in North America. 

I liked physical products but it was hard managing inventory. There was no Fulfillment By Amazon and it took a lot more to manage the business. I wanted a business with less overhead and I didn't want to manage physical inventory.

Info products and Affiliate marketing

I started affiliate marketing on the side as an experiment and had great success with ClickBank products and web hosting, earing thousands of dollars in commissions just for sharing with others how I was building online businesses on niche blogs. 

My Mission Now

I love helping action taking entrepreneurs start and grow their dream business.

I have been fortunate to have more success than I deserve and I want to give back and share my experiences by providing business training, coaching and mentorship for coaches, consultants and experts on how to start and grow their business online so they can achieve their dreams of time and financial freedom with a business that suits their lifestyle.

Here’s the deal... I want you to succeed.

I want you get the dream business you want, the time freedom, the money and the opportunity it all brings you.

I want that for you and I believe you can do it with the right help.

If you want to finally start and grow your business online... where you can begin to generate hundreds (if not thousands) of leads that turn into buying customers... then I’m here to show you how.

My goals is to fast track your success with step by step instructions and clear direction on what to do next.

You can find help with my Free Online Business Guides or you can book a discover session.

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