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How to build a $1,500 a month side hustle with less than $20

Friday, December 23, 2022

Listen, this is not the best or only way to make $1,500 per month.

This is just one system you can start today with very little money and be making money quickly

Below you will find the entire 15-step system for you.

I've tried to make it as simple as possible to follow leaving out many details and nuances.

This system works if you do.

Like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Here it is.

Step 1 - Twitter Setup

If you don't have a Twitter account get one.

If you do, clean up your Twitter profile. It should describe what you do for your target audience.

Use this formula: I help [__WHO__], get [__Desired Results__]

The desired results will always be the pain or pleasure your customer is seeking.


"I help small business owners get more leads using Pinterest."

"I help stay-at-home moms make baby food faster and healthier."

Step 2 - Content plan

Start creating and posting daily content that talks about one challenge you solve for your dream customer.

Use a tool like Tweet Hunter or HypeFury to help you create viral and engaging content for Twitter and to help you engage with your audience as it grows.

Step 3 - Answer questions

When people ask questions on your Tweets, like the tweet and then DM them to start a conversation.

Ask more questions and try to understand the core problem they are struggling with.

Step 4 - Offer Free call

Ask them if they'd like to talk for free to see if you can help them with their problems.

Remember, the whole purpose of these free calls is to help them but more importantly you are going to learn from them about the questions they have and the challenges they are having.

Do 15-20 calls to better understand how to solve their problem. This will form the basis of your 60 minute service.

Step 5- Create 60 min service

Create a process you can walk people through in 60 minutes that fulfills their desired results.

Step 6 - Build a website

Build a quick personal website using a site like Carrd.

Step 7 - Accept Payments

Open up a free Stripe account. Create a new paid 60 min service in Stripe.

This is how your customers will be able to buy from you with their credit cards.

You can link Stripe to your bank to receive any money you earn from your services.

Step 8 - Name your Service

Create a name or title for the service you are going to provide.

Use this formula; "From _______ to _______ in 60 minutes"


"From beginner to email marketing master in 60 min."

"From newbie writer to writing your first sales letter in 60 min."

"From clueless to building your first sales funnel in 60 min."

You want to sell the idea that you are taking your customer from the place they are in today(full or problems with X) to a new reality where they are further ahead than before the call with X.

Step 9 - Setup Appointment system

Create a free Calendly account so that you have a landing page and create the same exact event as the service you are providing.

Step 10 - Block off time slots

Setup your time slots for people to book their 60 sessions with you.

Create these outside of your 9 to 5 when you have the free time to focus on your side hustle. This can be in the morning or at night.

Step 11 - Call to action and Button

You need a Call to action and a "Buy" button to your Carrd page and have it redirect it to your Stripe checkout page.

After your client completes the payment, redirect checkout to the Calendly account page for them to select a time for their 60 minutes session.

Step 12 - Link in bio

With your website set up, add your website link to your Twitter profile.

Step 13 - Content + Engagement

Continue creating great content each day using a tool like Tweet Hunter or HypeFury.

Engage with your target audience. Answer questions, help out and work on growing your following and your conversations in the DMs.

Step 14 - Q & A

When people ask questions and require more support, direct them to the link in your Twitter bio to pay and book a time for consultation to help them solve the issue they are having and that you have a service for them.

If you can book at least 3 calls per week at $150/hr you will be making at least $1,500 per month.


That's the 15 step system to making over $1500++ per month.

So, try this for 6 months.

Test it out and iterate on it.

Listen to what your customers say, gather feedback, experiment, & make changes to your system.


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