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How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel From Scratch

Friday, February 10, 2023

You've probably seen a lot of YouTube channels out there and thought to yourself, "I could do that."

And you're right - you can.

In fact, you can start a successful YouTube channel from scratch starting today. It's not as hard as you might think.

All it takes is a little planning, some organization, and a lot of hard work. But most importantly, it takes passion.

You need to be passionate about what you're creating if you want people to watch and subscribe.

They need to feel that coming through the video to keep them interested because if you're not interested, neither will your audience.

In this article, I'll teach you how to start a successful YouTube channel from scratch.

I'll cover the following topics.

  • ​Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel
  • ​What You Need to start your Channel
  • ​How to Pick a Niche for Your YouTube Channel
  • ​How to Film Your Videos
  • ​How to Edit Your Videos
  • ​How to Upload Your Videos and Optimize Them for SEO
  • ​See a Channel Trailer Example + Script
  • ​Finding Your Video Keywords

I started the Start and Grow Youtube Channel just over a year ago and have grow to over 800 subscribers using the steps below.

Screenshot_20220919-124212 png

I'll cover everything from choosing the right niche to uploading your first video.

Let's get started!

Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

You should start a YouTube channel because it's a great way to build your personal brand, build a community and engage with your audience in a way that no other platform can.

YouTube is the perfect place to share your passion and connect with others who share that same interests as you.

Not to mention, it's a great way to show off your skills and talent and you can also make some money while you're at it.

Here's a list of the main reasons for starting a YouTube Channel

  • ​Give your Audience More Content
  • ​Extra Source of Traffic to your website and offers
  • ​Closer Personal Connection with your audience.
  • ​More leads, more customers
  • ​Grow your fan base
  • ​Creative Outlet for your ideas and passions
  • ​A way to get outside your comfort zone and be creative.

But starting and growing a successful YouTube channel takes more than just putting up a few videos and hoping for the best.

You need to have a plan and be willing to put in the work.

Are you up for the challenge?

What You Need to Start a YouTube Channel

But before you can start uploading videos, there are a few things you need to take care of.

First, you need to create a channel and pick a name.

This is pretty simple to do—just go to YouTube and follow the steps.

Once your channel is created, you can start uploading videos.

But before you do that, make sure you have a good idea for a show or the types of videos you want to publish.

You need to know what you are going to talk about and what your angle is.

You don't want to just start uploading videos for the sake of it. You need to have a plan and a purpose.

Make sure your videos are high quality. This doesn't mean they have to be super expensive or professional—you can shoot them on your phone if you want or you can use your laptop camera.

The key is to make sure the audio and video are both good quality. And don't forget about the editing. Make sure your videos are well-edited and look polished.

How to Pick a Niche for Your YouTube Channel

You need to pick a niche for your channel in your core market.

This is an important step, because if you don't have a specific focus, your videos will be all over the place and your audience won't know what to make of you.

Add to that, the YouTube Algorithm won't either.

So how do you go about choosing a niche?

First thing is to think about what you're interested in and what you're good at.

Then, do some research to see if there's a market for that topic. If there is, great! You've found your niche.

But if there isn't, don't worry—you can always tweak your niche until you find something that resonates with you and your audience. The most important thing is to be passionate about your topic and be willing to put in the work to make your channel successful.

It's not always that simple to find your niche so I wrote a simple guide that goes deeper into the 3 core markets and profitable niche selection.

How to Film Your Videos

Now that you have your topic, it's time to start filming your videos.

This can be a little daunting, but don't worry, I'm here to help. I still get nervous when filming and it's just something you have to get over. Everyone deals with this and it just takes practices and some time doing it to find your voice.

The first step is to make sure you have the right equipment. You'll need a good quality camera (DSLR or mirrorless are best) and a tripod to keep your shots steady.

Remember this can all be done with just your phone. You don't need a $2000+ setup. Use what you got if you are just starting out.

If you're not comfortable in front of the camera, don't worry—you don't have to be.

Just focus on delivering your message in an engaging and interesting way. And remember to keep it short and sweet—people don't want to watch hour-long videos.

Something I do it put a printed picture of someone I know that represents my audience avatar so I focus on speaking one on one with my audience.

Make sure you film in a well-lit area with minimal distractions, and always shoot in landscape orientation (unless you're going for a specific effect).

You can find all kinds of great inexpensive lighting options on Amazon.

If you are doing screen share, I recommend using Loom or Tella.

Finally, practice makes perfect, so make sure you film and edit as many videos as you can before launching your channel.

How to Edit Your Videos

Now that you've shot your video, it's time to edit it.

This is where the real magic happens.

Editing your videos is a process of taking all those raw clips and crafting them into a story that engages your viewers and keeps them coming back for more.

There are a lot of different ways to do this, but here are a few tips that will help you get started:

  • Start by selecting the best clips. Cull your footage down to the best shots, and get rid of anything that doesn't add value.
  • Tell a story with your clips. Edit them together in a way that flows smoothly and makes sense.
  • Add music and titles. Music can help set the tone for your video and titles can help introduce your viewers to who you are and what you do.
  • Make sure your videos look good. Spend some time tweaking the colors and brightness to make them look their best.

How to Upload Your Videos and Optimize Them for SEO

Now that you've shot your video, it's time to upload it to YouTube.

This is where you'll want to optimize it for SEO.

Here are a few tips:

  • ​Upload your video in HD format.
  • ​Give your video a title that accurately describes its contents.
  • ​In the description, include a link to your website and other social media profiles.
  • ​Add keywords and tags that are relevant to your video.
  • ​Enable closed captioning for videos that are in a language other than English.

I use TubeBudddy to help me analyze and tweak my YouTube channel and all of the videos.

It's is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel.

Their Launch Pad feature is great to follow every time you publish a new video.

A video script for your Channel Trailer

On your channel home page, there is a place for your channel trailer.

This should be your first video you create because it's the first video your viewers will see. This is where your origin story comes in.

Here is a simple script to use for you channel trailer.

  • Introduce yourself and welcome your viewer like a one on one conversation
  • ​Briefly go into your back story and explain why you have authority on the subject that your channel is about.
  • ​Pitch your value statement - The viewer needs to know clearly what your channel is about and why it matters.
  • ​Share your posting schedule("Every Thursday I publish...")
  • ​End your video with a call to action to get them to "like, subscribe and click on the notifications button" so they don't miss any videos.

This video only needs to 1 to 2 minutes long as it's purpose is to introduce you and your channel.

Channel Trailer Example

Here is my first Channel trailer and the script I used below for an example reference for you.

"Hi I'm Craig welcome to the start and grow Academy.

I started my first online business in 1998 and I haven't stopped since.

I work with all kinds of businesses over the past 20 years helping them start and grow their business from billion-dollar organizations to small solopreneurs.

I love seeing people build and create something out of nothing.

My mission on here is to help creators Freelancers coaches and Consultants turn their skills and expertise into an online business that gives them both more time and Financial Freedom.

I post weekly on business strategy lead generation, offer creation, email marketing, content marketing, business systems automations and more…

All to help you start and grow your business.

Please like and subscribe and make sure you click on the notification button so you don't miss a video in the future.

Thanks for watching."

Finding Your Video Keywords

With your niche chosen and your channel trailer done, you need to find all of the keywords that you will make videos around.

The way I do this is by using YouTube search auto-suggest. Let's say you are posting videos on website design and development.

"Web design" or "How to create websites" is a popular keyword so you want to find the long tail keywords to use as your video titles.

You can see below in this screenshot all of the different suggestions YouTube is providing the user. These are ideas for you on what content to create.

image-9 png


Now you're ready to launch your very own successful YouTube channel.

The hardest part is starting but now you have to the process and the tools to get going.

If you're just getting started, post a comment with a link to your YouTube Channel below in the comments.

Subscribe to the Start and Grow YouTube Channel and follow me on Twitter @craigcherlet

If you have questions, please leave a comment below and I'll respond to your questions.


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