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Where to buy and sell existing niche websites

Friday, February 24, 2023

Want to know where to find websites for sale or where you can sell yours?

If you want to buy an already established website that already has revenue but without the tedious part of building it from scratch; or you are looking for a place where you can sell websites you currently own, you will be interested in this post.

Just like businesses, properties, cars and other commodities, buying and selling websites also have a place in the online community.

What are Website Brokers?

Website brokers are like an online intermediator who can help you to easily post your websites for sale or buy websites that are posted on their website marketplaces.

I used the word “easily” here because a website broker will do all the dirty work and heavy lifting for you.

For sellers, website brokers will help determine the website’s value, market your website for sale, attract possible buyers, and process the sale for you.

On the other hand, website brokers will assist you to find the best options, if you are buying websites too.

They will present all the websites for sale that fit your needs and give you a recommended selling price.

Website brokers will even provide post-sales support to help buyers gain familiarity over their new websites.

How do Website Brokers sell Websites?

Aside from their proven marketing strategy, they also have access to database of qualified buyers. Website brokers will present buyers with offers, which are within the determined value range of the websites.

They'll do the negotiation for the sellers to arrive at a final selling price and, finalize the sale through contract signing and website ownership transfer.

Website brokers have a variety of online payment options that add more convenience both to the buyers and sellers.

One of the good things with website brokers is they earn through a commission.

For website sellers, you don’t have to pay anything until the sale is made.

Website brokers collect 10% to 15% of the sale.

This will guarantee the website sellers that they will get the highest profit, because website brokers will surely look for the best offers.

What are the factors in choosing a Website Broker?

There are a number of good website brokers online.

When deciding which one you should go to, remember these key factors:

The website broker should be legitimate.

Find out if the company is a member of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).

Also, check if it has a physical address and contact number posted on its website.

These will make sure that the company is following regulations and you can make contact in case of any disputes. If the broker is claiming to have a certain number of clients, try to verify by looking for testimonials and reviews online.

It should have a good number of websites currently for sale. Existing clients means the company is not new in the broker business. A good number of websites for sale posted also means that it has already built credibility as a website broker.

The broker is setting a realistic valuation. Go for the website broker that will set your website’s valuation at around 2-3x of the annual profit.

This is the average selling price of a website. Watch out for website brokers that offer 5x your website’s annual profit because they are just probably enticing you.

Security and confidentiality are some of its biggest emphases. Different companies or individuals could have different reasons in selling their websites.

It’s best to opt for a broker that will protect your personal information and interest during the marketing of the website.

Its database of qualified buyers is relatively small.

Those website brokers showing off a very big list of potential buyers are just referring to a general mailing list of unqualified prospects.
Don’t get too excited.

Choose the smaller list full of qualified buyers because it will be more beneficial.

What are the best website brokers to buy and sell websites?

1) The Shopify MarketPlace

Exchange is Shopify's marketplace to buy and sell businesses for online entrepreneurs. It is one of the newest places to find online businesses to buy. Most of them are websites built on the Shopify Platform but as you will see, each listing on Exchange tells you the niche and the monthly revenue that the site is generating.

Whether you’re looking for a store selling t-shirts or jewelry, ready to make its 1st sale or 1000th, the Shopify Exchange site is one of my favorites for buying and selling websites.

You can learn more about how the buying works here.

If you are looking to sell your business, Exchange can get your listing in front of thousands of buyers who are eager to become the new owner of your business.

2) Empire Flippers

This website broker is an Inc. 500 company, one of the fastest- growing businesses in the United States. Empire Flippers aims to remove friction from buying and selling websites.

It has sold more than 90% websites in the last three months, with valuations ranging from $5,000 to $62,000. Its current listing of websites for sale has valuations as high as $2 Million.

Clearly, the best and successful online businesses trust Empire Flippers.

3) FE International

Named as the Deal Maker of the Year by IBBA for 2015 and 2016, FE International has grown exponentially both in revenue and size since its founding in 2010.

This website broker boasts a 95% rate in sales success. It has a fast sales turnaround with more than 85% of listed websites being sold within 2 months.

With its innovation in marketing, structuring and website valuation, the company promise to deliver safe, secure and quality transactions in buying and selling of websites.

4) Flippa

Flippa is the marketplace for online businesses. It is designed to exhibit different digital assets and ensure that users can discover the best opportunities in online business.

It is the first and most established platform for buying and selling websites, with more than $204 Million in total sales, 800 thousand users, and over 2 Million websites for sale.

This website broker also buys and sells applications, domains, and Shopify sites.


A website focused on buying and selling websites with very high valuations, showcases its sales process that is very effective in getting the highest possible bids for websites.

Sellers can have access to more than 15,000 pre-qualified buyers and investors, while buyers can choose in a listing of websites with valuations from $150,000 to $20 million.

The company claims to sell the most e-businesses online.

6) AppBusinessBrokers

If you want to sell a mobile application or if you’re looking to buy one, then is the broker for you. As you might already gather, this broker concentrates on buying and selling mobile applications.

AppBusinessBrokers has sold apps for as short as 2 weeks.

Operating as internet-based broker since 2004, the company also buys and sells internet technologies, software, and portfolios.

This website broker has sold more than $25 million worth of websites and has 90% sales success rate.

7) has been in website broker business since 2006. The company promotes easy buying and selling of websites with simple Sales and Purchase structures.

If you would like to invest in premium websites in with valuations ranging from $100,000 to $5 million, then this is the right broker for you.

It has sold more than $5 million worth of websites of different niches in 2015 alone.

8) Digital Acquisitions (formerly Trusted Site Seller)

This website broker was founded by 2010 and since then, it has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs buy and sell websites successfully.

With Digital Acquisitions, new website owners can be assured of fast Return of Investment (ROI) with the premium websites for sale on its listing.

Website sellers, on the other hand, are guaranteed with high profit because of innovative marketing strategies, advanced technologies, and great customer support.


Digital Exits guarantees 100% confidential processing of websites sale and purchase transactions. If you want to sell your websites for highest possible value, then this is the broker for you.

It appraises your online business to the maximum valuation and creates the best marketing strategy to get the highest bid.

The company lists only the best websites with a yearly profit of $100,000 to $2 million.

10) Founders Advisors (formerly Founders Investment Banking)

This company targets websites of middle-market companies that have over $2 million of income a year.

Founders Advisors is a website broker that focuses on large deals using strategic transactions.

If you have websites for sale in the industries of software, oil and gas, healthcare and digital media, then you should consider this broker.

11)Quiet Light Brokerage

Selling high-value websites, Quiet Light Brokerage (QLB) has a total sale of more than $100 million. It has sold 600+ websites at an 80% closing rate.

This website broker offers personalized business to build a unique marketing strategy for every seller.

QLB has a team of experienced website buyers and sellers who will deliver the best possible result in buying or selling of websites.

12) Transfersolt

Transferslot is a curated marketplace where side projects founders can expose their product to a Trusted Buyer community. Founders can apply for consideration on the platform. If selected, their design team will work on promotional materials for the project to help it get sold.

The project then gets exposed for a week to 5 select buyers that have a positive track record of buying digital products in the projects niche. If no one makes an offer, it will then be listed publicly on the marketplace for the general public.


So, which one do you think is the best among website brokers? Give me your opinions by leaving a comment below.

Just remember, whichever among them you might choose to buy and sell websites, your aim is to get the highest value for your business or money, in the easiest way possible.


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