How to find and keep your FOCUS

How to find and keep your FOCUS

In 1991 when Bill Gates's father asked his son, Bill, and Warren Buffet what the most important factor for success was, they both gave the same answer: "FOCUS."

It’s no surprise to me. We live in a very distracted world where we consume thousands of messages a day.

We’re distracted at every turn by TV, radio, billboards, digital ads and social media messages.

Keeping focused is hard but, guess what?!

Focus is the key to succeeding in business.

Consistent, focused execution towards your goals is what’s going to bring you sustained success.

Many entrepreneurs fall into Too Many Ideas Syndrome.

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This is when an entrepreneur has so many ideas and no clue which one to choose and focus on. I’ve been there and it sucks.

If and when they do actually choose one idea to execute on, they tend to mourn the loss of all the other opportunities that they’ll have to “ignore” if they pick one thing.

I don’t want to dismiss the value of “ideas”, you need ideas and the more you have the better but if you want to reach your goals, you need to focus on starting and finishing projects.

If this is you, create a system for managing your ideas and getting them out of your head and into a document or swipe file.

Your mind will naturally relax and stop bringing them up over and over in an attempt to make sure you don’t forget them.

Set a time in your calendar to review your idea list every couple of months or when you finish a project and have more capacity for a new one.

Keep in mind, there are millions of great ideas out there but what separates success and from failure is sustained focus and execution towards one idea.

If you have figured out your “WHY”, staying focused will be a lot easier.


Thanks for reading and I hope you find your core focus and stay disciplined to reach your goals.

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