One Funnel Away Challenge Review & Unboxing Video - Is it worth it?

One Funnel Away Challenge Review & Unboxing Video - Is it worth it?

Here's my One Funnel Away Challenge review and unboxing.

I came across this challenge while searching for ways to increase my website's traffic and start an online business and I am very happy I did.

If you want to win in this online business industry, you just can’t do it alone.

There three things you just need to have in place to succeed.

  1. A mentor or expert coach
  2. Goals, deadlines and someone to hold you to it
  3. A peer group to learn and grow with.

Bring these three things together with motivation and persistence and nothing can stop you.

I can honestly day, the ‘One Funnel Away Challenge’ provides you with all three of these things a so much more.

I took the challenge, created several funnels till I finally found one that worked and ended up earing over 5 figures using the exact strategies I learned in the OFA.

Here's what I will cover in this review

  • What the One Funnel Away(OFA) Challenge is.
  • Who this Challenge is For.
  • What Will You Have After You’ve Completed the Challenge
  • What You Get With The Challenge
  • Unboxing Video of all the OFA Goodies
  • 30-Day Summit Interviews
  • What the Main Benefits of The Challenge are
  • How Much Time It Takes
  • What The Training Covers Each Day/Week
  • How Much the OFA Challenge costs
  • What I Love & Don’t Love About The Challenge

Let's get into it!

What is the One Funnel Away(OFA) Challenge?

The OFA Challenge is a 30-day coaching course that holds your hand step-by-step through creating your very first automated sales funnel.

It's a 30 day program with a mix of coaching from funnel experts Russell Brunson, Stephen Larson, Jim Edwards, Julie Stoian and others all delivered via video training, live coaching calls, worksheets, plus a whole OFA box of goodies sent to you in the mail.

So let’s break down each component and I’ll give you my thoughts on each aspect and how much value you get.

Who Is The Challenge For?

The Challenge is great for you if you’re any one of the following (or working towards being):

  • A small medium or big business owner/manager
  • A local business owner/manager – of a restaurant, shop etc
  • A digital agency owner/manager
  • An author orblogger
  • A coach or consultant
  • A network marketer
  • A supplement producer
  • An affiliate marketer
  • An expert in your field – dentist, chiropractor, fitness professional, doctor,
  • A social media ‘celebrity’ or authority – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
  • An info-product publisher
  • An employee looking to supplement your job and create a ‘side hustle’ income
  • An investor looking to increase your portfolio and diversify your passive income streams.

It’s also for you if you’re struggling with or want to:

  • Improve your business systems
  • Improve your delegation
  • ‘Work on your business not in it’
  • Improve your website effectiveness
  • Improve the ROI for your ad spend
  • Improve the assets in and value of your business
  • Generate more automated sales/passive income
  • Free up your time! Cutting the link between the time you work and your income

What Will You Have After You’ve Completed the Challenge?

Once you’ve gone through the 30 days, you’ll have set up:

  1. A brand (or refined, upgraded brand) with a clear message that will resonate with your ideal customers.
  2. A product to sell online via your funnel
  3. A fully-automated funnel to generate leads and sales
  4. A solid plan for generating visitors/traffic to your funnel
  5. Your system for collecting payments and probably made your first sales.

What Do You Get With The Challenge?


1. Daily training & coaching videos

…From Russell Brunson – ‘mission training’

As you probably know, Russell Brunson is a master marketer and teacher – probably the very best in the world right now I’d say (and trust me, I’ve seen a lot – Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Frank Kern, Armand Morin, Raymond Aaron, Dave Van Hoose…).

His teaching in OFA is excellent. Each of his daily ‘mission training’ videos is around 10-20 minutes and is a combo of direct-to-camera teaching plus him sketching things out on his overhead whiteboard.

Russell’s encouraging, clear, direct and less hyperactive than on some of his webinars, which is quite nice.

On some of the days you also get another video of Russell live on stage teaching at one of his high-ticket events.

The training here is amazing to have access to – things like his story selling presentation and how to create your ‘Dream 100’.

I really enjoy these and because they’re longer, I tend to watch these when I’m at the gym on the cross trainer in the evenings. You’ll find these videos very insightful.

…From Julie Stoian

Julie is VP of Marketing at ClickFunnels (as well as a Two Comma Club member) – so she knows a thing or two about online biz.

Her teaching doesn’t appear every day but when it does, it supplements what Russell says well and shows you the tech side of things. She covers the bread and butter actions of the training and funnel design.

Like Russell, she’s very clear and is a fairly engaging instructor. Now let’s move on to Stephen…

…From Stephen Larson

Ah Stephen, where do we begin?

Well I guess I’ll start by saying that when I first saw one of his videos I thought “who is this annoying upstart? I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy watching him for the next 30 days!”.

He is brimming with energy that can come across as cocky arrogance but after getting through the first of his 30 or so minute coaching sessions, I ‘got’ what he’s about and by the second or third video felt that his input was invaluable and covers a lot of the entrepreneurial mindset issues that hold most of us business owners back, especially the building funnels. Stephen is also a Two Comma Club member – you know he has his own success and credibility to teach, not just theory.

So not only was I impressed, but I was encouraged and motivated to take full action on what Russell and Julie’s training was prompting me to do.

Lesson: Just because his personality is wildly different to mine, doesn’t mean that I won’t get on well with his coaching, in fact it’s probably a big plus point.

The three trainers in One Funnel Away are excellent and between them, they really do give you everything you need to succeed – tools, training, mindset, motivation and clear insight into how to succeed in your online business with funnels. You’re in very good hands with these three.

Unboxing Video of OFA Goodies

2. A big OFA box of goodies sent in the post

When you join OFA, you get a big box of stuff shipped out to yo in the mail, which is a really nice and tangible addition to the training.

You get an MP3 player with all Russell’s training and past coaching calls from Stephen – pretty cool and certainly helpful to have it to listen to on-the-go.

If you’re like me, you’ll be recap listening at the gym on the cross-trainer or whilst out running. 😃


Your 30-day workbook

You get a physical version of the daily online worksheets, which is pretty helpful.

I much prefer to write things out, especially given that every other task is gonna involve being tied to your computer.

I personally find having a written workbook helpful and nice to actually use my own handwriting to map things out and look back on.

I appreciate that not everyone is like this – but you have the choice of digital or physical.

A hard cover version of the bonus book ’30 Days’

This book is awesome.

If you learn by modeling, this book is a compilation of ’Two Comma Club’ member insights on what these top millionaire ClickFunnels members would do if they lost everything and had 30 days to make back their millions with one funnel…30 people, 30 chapters, outlining their 30 day actions step-by-step

Gold dust!

This is a bonus that I was particularly excited about and when I received it, I wasn’t disappointed.

I read some of it through and listened to the interviews with the people who wrote the plans, I realized that this is really very valuable.

I particularly resonated with Dean Holland’s plan and Liz Benny’s – it really shows you just how simple building a multi-million dollar business can be when you use funnels in the right way.

The book is sleek and gorgeous looking too.

3. The digital workbook, private Facebook challenge group, bonus pre-training week on mindset and belief

The digital workbook is broken down into day worksheet PDFs that you can fill in online or print and complete.

The FB challenge group has thousands of engaged members in it and is really useful to keep your momentum up and, more importantly, for accountability with your actions. Every day when you finish the day’s actions, you go into the group and post #missioncomplete.

Finally, as well as the 30 days of training, there is a 7 day pre-training which is very helpful in getting you in the right mindset for success with your funnels. Russell’s been very smart here as he gets you to watch his million dollar 90 minute presentation that he gave at Grant Cardone’s 10x Con and also one of his ‘Perfect Webinars’, which pitches Clickfunnels – great marketing for his product!

You really do get immersed in the mindset, tools and reason why ALL businesses need a funnel, as well as see in action a Perfect Webinar, that you’ll be creating for your own business as part of the plan.

4. 30-Day Summit Interviews & ‘Make Back My Millions’ Plan

As I touched on above, the 30 Days Summit is a deep dive into 30 of the Clickfunnels ‘Two Comma Club’ members’ insights on what they would do if they lost everything – their money, funnels, list, product, credibility in their market, team etc and had bills to pay imminently and had to make back significant revenue – i.e. 6 or 7 figures in just 30 days.

To be in the Two Comma Club, you have to have made at least $1 million inside Clickfunnels – so these people certainly know what they’re talking about, to have generated this kind of revenue from their own funnels.

In the world of online business where there have been so many pseudo-‘gurus’ who claim to have made millions but have actually not and are severely struggling, this is reassuring to know that you’re learning from credible funnel experts.

(Trust me I’ve been to enough marketing events in the past decade and been privy to many of the gurus’ tactics and seen the scams that this MATTERS!)

This is a bonus that I was particularly excited about and when I received it, I wasn’t disappointed.

I read some of it through and listened to the interviews with the people who wrote the plans, I realized that this is really very valuable.

I particularly resonated with Dean Holland’s plan and Liz Benny’s – it really shows you just how simple building a multi-million dollar business can be when you use funnels in the right way.

The book is sleek and gorgeous-looking too.

Here are all the featured entrepreneurs.


What are the Main Benefits of The Challenge?

  1. Massive implementation -  on things you need to do in your business but have probably been putting off. You actually execute on stuff and that feels really good. I felt a high amount of satisfaction getting each of the daily tasks done, knowing that they are growing my business in exactly the right way.
  2. Financial success – you simply make more money in your business as a result of going through this challenge. You’ll be generating leads and sales, on autopilot. For many people, that increase will be exponential.
  3. Personal satisfaction – of seeing your business flourish as a result of doing it – not only financially but also in terms of systematisation, automation, delegation, leadership, strategy, customer service, which brings me onto the next benefit…
  4. It’s so much more than funnels! The challenge makes you a better business owner and leader, being the orchestrator of it all – not trying to do every single thing in your business. It expands your vision and your business savvy. You could confidently go out and consult on this stuff for other businesses if you wanted to once you’ve gone through OFA.
  5. Refocus of your time and priorities – you are forced to stop working on stuff that doesn’t matter, and start implementing the key tasks that will get your funnel live, and your business flowing.
  6. It’s fun! 🙂

How Much Time Does It Take?

Russell says to dedicate between 1-2 hours per day to the training.

Apart from the pre-training week, where you ahem to watch a couple of 90 minute webinars, you can watch all of the training in less than an hour.

It will then take you around 1 hour to actually do the work.

As entrepreneurs, we need to be taking our health seriously, so I assume you spend some time each day walking or exercising.

I therefore recommend being smart with your time and watching or listening to the training whilst you’re doing some kind of exercise.

This will limit your time sat sedentary in front of your computer and it won’t feel like you’re adding a lot of extra work to your day.

What Does The Training Cover Each Day/Week?

The training is broken down into 4 different weekly sections:

  • WEEK1: Pre-Training on your beliefs and mindset – this is essential to get you in to the right way of thinking and over your mental blocks that are preventing your success. Hey, we all have them, let’s get over these excuses that are holding us back early in the game!
  • WEEK 2: Hook, Story Offer – covers ‘offer hacking’ what other people in your marketplace are doing, offer sequencing and creating your products.
  • WEEK 3: Your Hooks & Stories – creating your ‘epiphany bridge’ story and your ‘origin’ story – these are covered extensively in Russell Brunson’s book ‘Expert Secrets’ and are amazingly valuable assets to have in your business. They will enable you to generate way more revenue in your business and life in general once you have them in place.
  • WEEK 4: Make It Rain – traffic generation, your ‘Dream 100’ and other ways to get people visiting and buying from your funnels. This training alone is worth $thousands in what it will return for you when you implement the action steps.
  • WEEK 5: Post-Training – what to do for the next 90 days to optimise your funnel and income.

Here is a video of me showing what is in the members area of the One Funnel Away Challenge.

How Much is the OFA Challenge?

The price to join is just $100.

Really great value and worth every cent in my view, especially considering the quality of training, the very clear format, the OFA box sent to you and the fact that this is PROVEN, by many multi-millionaires who’ve done the same, to work to generate huge profits inside your business.

Here’s the kicker though – you can recommend a friend or business partner and get 100% commission on the sale as an affiliate, so that will cover the cost of your training completely.

Do You Need Great Technical Or Business Skills?

No! That’s the beauty of OFA, you get everything you need. Russell and the team are very good at pitching the training to both seasoned business owners and funnel builders AND also brand new online entrepreneurs

Do You Need A ClickFunnels Account to Do The Challenge?

Yes and no. Technically you don’t need a CF account – I actually built a lot of my funnels in my Kartra account when I first went through the Challenge.

You could use any system that allows you the functionality to build out sales funnels – Thrive Cart, Sam Cart, Kartra, Ontraport etc.

That said, you get access to all the ‘Share Funnels’ when you join Clickfunnels, which means that when you’re dong the Challenge you can, with just a few clicks, import all of the funnels’ component into your CF account, making it a matter of minutes to build out your funnel, rather than hours, days or weeks.

In essence, the Challenge is geared around using Clickfunnels, so it makes sense to have an account. Here’s what I’d recommend if you’re not a current CF user…

Go through the pre-training and weeks 1 & 2 WITHOUT having a CF account.

Then in week 3, when you start building your funnel, join and get your 14 day free trial. This covers you for the remaining 2 weeks of the challenge.

That way you get to experience the system, complete the Challenge and see what it can do for you and then if, for some reason you think it’s not for you, you cancel and you’ll owe nothing.

Can’t say fairer than that really – you have nothing to lose and whole lot to gain.

What I Love & Don’t Love About The Challenge

I love that it’s COMPLETELY clear, simple, thorough, actionable, credible, fun and has the potential to make you a LOT of money.

The challenge really does give you everything you need to succeed in online business.

I love the ‘catch up’ days for when you have just a bit too much on your plate to get it all done, which will inevitably happen once or twice. I love that it’s suitable for the complete newbie and seasoned marketer alike.

I love that, whilst it’s designed to be used with Clickfunnels, you can get away with using another online business system platform, like Kartra.

Although you can access all of the materials in the online members area, I don’t love that the OFA box took a while to be shipped out to me.

I’m in the Canada and I think there was a priority for domestic US orders. I contacted support and they shipped it the very next day, so that was good customer service.

My Overall One Funnel Away 30-Day Challenge Review…

I’ve been in business for 20 years at this point and done a lot of different trainings and created many different revenue streams – from providing marketing agency services to doing info product launches, to high-end 1-1 coaching.

If I had to start again THIS is what I’d do – the OFA Challenge!

The investment is $100 but it’s easily worth $10,000 in the sheer value of the training, guidance and tools you get.

In my humble view, take this challenge and you’ll be very glad you did.

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