This Simple mind hack will shift your negative mindset right now

This Simple mind hack will shift your negative mindset right now

I don't know about you but the hardest struggle on my entrepreneurial journey has been developing my mental strength.

I really believe that it's your mindset that carries you through the hard times in building a business.

Things like patience, discipline, resiliency, all come from within. You have to choose to be these things and in order to do that you have to have a strong growth mindset.

Your mind, especially your mindset is your most important asset.

When your mindset is poor and you're dealing with anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges, it is really hard to stay focused on your business.

What I’ve found to be very helpful is to work on your mindset and how you view the world and the language you use to talk to yourself.

Mindset shifts are an alternative view of a current situation. They reframe a situation so that you perceive it in a more positive way.

We don't always get to choose what happens to us, but we always get to choose how we respond to life.

Better to choose wisely.

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Here are my favorite mindset shifts.

Instead of thinking “I have to exercise today,” try thinking, “I get to exercise today.”

Instead of asking “Why is this happening?” ask “What does this make possible?”

Replace the words “have to” with “have the privilege of” (similar to “have to” vs “get to”).

Replace the words “study” with “learn” and “work out” with “train”.

Replace “wake up” with “experience a new day”

Go from “I am busy” to “my days are full”

Instead of, I failed. Try I learned what not to do/what to do differently next time.

Stop using “I can't”, because “I can” is more aligned with the truth.

Instead of “I don't want to”, try, “I must, otherwise if…”

Instead of “Why does this happen to me?” try saying “What will this teach me?”

Go from "this is too hard" to "this will take more time to accomplish".

Ask yourself" “What does this make possible?”

There is no concept of "try"; it's either "do"or "do not".

There is no such thing as as hard or easy, only familiar or unfamiliar, unknown or new.

Instead of thinking "I'm nervous", try thinking, "I'm excited!"

Instead of thinking, “Getting old is hell” try, “Getting old is a privilege not everyone gets”.


Try this out over the next couple of days and see how your mood changes and how you perceive the things that happened to you in your life.

I guarantee when you change your mindset the things around you start to change too.

Recognize that the only time you can make meaningful change is NOW. And every day is made up of infinite "nows".

So just start.