Tweet Hunter - Twitter AI app Review

Tweet Hunter Review: All-in-one tool to help you grow on Twitter using AI. Designed to help you grow and monetize your Twitter audience.

Tweet Hunter - Twitter AI app Review

I started using Tweet Hunter when I had less than 40 followers on a new Twitter account that I just setup.

I’ve been working on the Start and Grow Training and started a new Twitter account for engaging with my audience.

With a fresh account, I wanted to see if Tweet Hunter could speed up my growth process.

This post goes over the app feature and my thoughts on how they work and how effective they are.

At the end of my trial and review I share my results.

Let’s jump in!

What is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is a web app that says it can help you get sales, growth and new networks faster than what you're currently trying on Twitter.

It’s main claim is that it can help you write 100 high quality tweets in less than 1 hour using AI assisted content creation.

People seem to like it so I’m going to test it out.

Let’s see how this goes.

Here is my Twitter account when I started.

Follow me @craigcherlet so you get updates on my progress using Tweet Hunter.

Getting Started with Tweet Hunter

Setting up my account was super fast and easy.

I logged in with my Twitter account and the onboarding process then took me through a series of question about me, what I do, how I help people and what i’m interested in.

I entered in my target avatars info, my value proposition and Tweet Hunter went to work, building out my account and looking for Tweet Inspirations.

Tweet Inspirations

The Tweet Inspirations feature searches for tweets based on your interests and popularity to show you potentially viral tweets you can get inspired by.

You can model someone else’s tweet that is highly related to the interest you entered and use them as a starting point for crafting your own engaging tweet.

It’s simple and fast to just take an already viral tweet, edit the language a bit, keep the essence of the message and deliver great content to your audience.

This is a great feature.

Love it. Very efficient and helpful.

I used the AI-writing assistant to rewrite tweets like this just by clicking on the lightening bolt.

Super fast and intelligent content to work with. Like having a pro writer over your shoulder giving you tips and suggestions.

It’s also very easy to modify your keywords to make sure the AI is searching for the right content.

AI-generated Tweets for you

The AI engine uses powerful search technology to find and generate the best possible content for you.

It’s actually surprisingly good.

Many of the tweet it generated for me needed minor tweaks to make them great.

Here’s some examples.

I was also able to add tweets to a collection and the AI would write awesome tweets for me based on the tweets in the collection.

This is like having your own personal ghostwriter.

Editing Suggested Tweets is easy

Lots of space in the text box makes it easy to write it and either add it to the queue or Tweet Now.

Full Screen Tweet composer

This is where you can compose threads very easily by skipping three lines between tweets. Very nice UI fro editing. Much better than using the mobile app.

Also comes with advanced options like thread delay where the app posts each tweet in the thread on a schedule.

Thread Idea Generator

Enter topics and the AI will generate thread ideas for you.

Click on the edit button and it then will start the Hook Generator(Headlines) which will generate Thread Hooks for you.

I found this feature great to help me get inspired to create some threads.

Search Inspired tweet ideas

It was easy to search for any topic and find viral tweets to get inspired by.

You can see in the image below how it pulls up really good tweets that have lots of hearts and retweets.

This gives you the best starting point for reworking the idea into your own words for endless inspiration.

Scheduling Tweets

I’ve started to create a whole bunch of Tweets using the AI app.

I add the tweets to my queue and Tweet Hunter posts them on schedule without me having to do anything.

It’s very intuitive and simple to use once you try it out for a few minutes.

Reviewing the Tweets queued up is easy in the My Queue view and making edits is super simple.

TweetHunter CRM Features

I didn’t play with this feature as much but it allows you to turn Twitter into a CRM.

You can, create lists of people and add people who interacted with your tweets. You can engage with specific lists of people and add private notes for each person.

This gives you more control over your customer information in one tool.


Last but not least, TweetHunter comes with some analytics to monitor your Twitter progress.

You can track tweets that generated the most followers, engagement or reach based on profile visits.

Here is my current analytics at under 40 followers along with some of the tweets that generated the most followers.

Here is my detailed tweet performance for the first 7 days of my account.

Day 1 of using Tweet Hunter

When I started this journey, I had less than 40 followers on this new Twitter account I just set up a few days before I started the Tweet Hunter Trial.

I had just deleted all of my 3660 Twitter followers so I could show you and others how to grow a Twitter account from zero.

Day 1 was about setting it up and starting to learn what each feature was and  how to use it.

I created a few Tweets using their AI-writing assistant but I eventually ran out of credits and couldn’t use it anymore unless I upgraded.

I did manage to try it out and create some great Tweets from the AI generated messages.

I started to use the Search and Staff list collections to find tweets that match my audience. Instantly I was served up a ton of great tweets to remix and edit with my own words.

A steady stream of tweet ideas

I really like how fast I could come up with Tweet ideas when I had a ton of great examples to start from.

This is a game changer in Twitter productivity and content creation.

I loaded up My Queue with Tweets and scheduled them out until my Trial ends.

Tweets that generated the most followers.

Tweets that generated the most engagement

Total Stats after Day 1

Slow start but committed to growing

Day 2 of using Tweet Hunter

I used the thread editor and created a 12 tweet thread on affiliate marketing fairly quickly.

I just copied some content from a blog post and pasted it into the edit screen.

3 lines between tweets sets up the thread instantly and gives you a great preview of what the thread will look like when you post.

Here are two threads I posted that I created using this editor.

It works really well for doing this. Before I would create them right in Twitter but this is much easier and faster.

I also started using some of the tweets I created in Tweet Hunter in my Private Facebook group and got some good engagement there.

I stumbled across this feature called Shuffle Queue which shuffles all your scheduled content and pushes everything to the top of you queue.

It took everything I had already published and added every tweet to the queue schedule to be posted again.

I also managed to figure out that the Edit Queue Planning is how you set the schedule for posting. I added a whole bunch of tweet blocks per day and then I clicked the Re-queue button and it rescheduled all of the tweets to fit into the newly available time slots.

Very fast and useful tool.

Total Stats after Day 2

Impressions grew from 349 to over 2800. I added 4 more followers and grew  engagement from 14 to 156.

Making some progress so far on day 2.

Day 3 of using Tweet Hunter

Did another thread using Tweet Hunter because I just love how easy it is. I took a blog post I had and turned it into a thread in a few minutes.

Here’s the 15 tweet thread.

Created and added more Tweets to My Queue. I’m probably posting way more than I should but I wanted to get the maximum reach so I’m tweeting

Tweets that generated the most Engagement

Total Stats after Day 3

Growing a little bit day by day.  All metrics are trending up.

Added 11 new followers to a total of 62 with almost 4000 impressions at the end of day 3. With 49 profile visits and 62 follows, I’m happy that my bio seems to be converting people 95% of the time.

This shows that the write messaging matters big time.

Day 4 of using Tweet Hunter

I saw so many great threads this week that I created a Thread of Threads with my favorites.

Here’s how I did it in Tweet Hunter and how it turned out on Twitter.

Here is the Tweet threat it published.

I think I’m hooked on treads. Very few people do them and you can share so much value this way.

I took blog posts and content I previously wrote and edited down for simple tweets.

Engage Feature

I discovered another feature called engage that they say is like Twitter lists, but more useful.

You can use engage with other Twitter accounts without seeing their retweets, replies, etc.

The AI engine finds tweets based on your bio that it thinks you should engage with.

Enter in some search topics and it shows original tweets to like and reply to with no clutter so you can focus on engaging.

You can you search terms your target audience would use like… “What is the best tool for X” or  “How do you do ABC…”

The best search phrase I found for me was “what are you working on”. People were asking so I was telling them my story.

Found myself going back to the Daily Inspiration page to find new tweets to remix and schedule.

At this point I have almost filled up my posting schedule with Tweets until the end of the 7 experiment with Tweet Hunter.

Did one more Tweet thread before the end of the day just because It’s so fast and easy to do.

Tweets that generated the most Engagement

My engagement is up with over 5 likes on some of my tweets.

Total Stats after Day 4

All metrics trending up. 26 new followers to get my to 74 followers.

100 is not looking to far away and i’m confident I will hit the 100 followers by the end of this test.

Over 5500 impressions is great too. Getting some good reach so far.

Day 5 of using Tweet Hunter

Day 5 was the weekend so I didn’t spend a lot of time on Tweet Hunter and just let it do it’s thing posting all the great tweets I created yesterday.

Tweets that generated the most Engagement

Engagement is up and people are responding to my content.

Total Stats after Day 5

Added 39 new followers to round out the day at 88 followers.

Day 6 of using Tweet Hunter

Tweets that generated the most Followers

Total Stats after Day 6

Results & Key Findings

With my trial of Tweet Hunter coming to and end, the question that remains is how did I do?

Let's see.


As the days when on, I added more and more followers and my impression and reach grew.

I managed to reach my goal for 102 followers in the last week since I started using Tweet Hunter.

Final Stats

Detailed tweet performance

You can see below the tweets that got the most impressions. This was helpful to understand the content my audience is responding to.

Final thoughts

I really like this app.

I found that it gave me a ton of inspiration for tweets both from other peoples tweets to model but also the AI generate tweets.

This app definitely saved me a ton of time.

In this past week of testing this out, I wrote and published over 1000 tweets thanks to the help of Tweet Hunter.

I would definitely recommend this app for helping manage your Twitter account.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on this post.

Would love to hear what you think and what your experience with Tweet Hunter has been.