Ultimate List of Copywriting Books

Ultimate List of Copywriting Books

Ultimate List of Copywriting Books
Ultimate List of Copywriting Books

Here is the list of copywriting authors, books and resources that I've gathered over the last couple years.

I have not read all of them but they all  have come highly recommended from successful marketers young and old.

Disclaimer: These are all amazon affiliate links so clicking and buying any of these will give me a very small commission that will help support my own copywriting book collecting addiction. Thanks for your support!
  1. The 16-Word Sales Letter by Evaldo Albuquerque
  2. The tools of argument by Robert Greene
  3. Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz (Author), Martin Edelston
  4. How to Write Copies That Sells - Ray Edwards
  5. Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards
  6. Hypnotic Writing by  Joe Vitale
  7. Sean Vosler’s 7 figure marketing copy
  8. Jim Edwards book Copywriting Secrets  
  9. Online Selling Secret by Micheal Silk
  10. The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
  11. The copywriter's handbook by Robert bly
  12. The adweek copywriting handbook by Joe Sugarman
  13. Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman
  14. The Robert Collier letter book
  15. Advertising headlines that make you rich by David Garfinkel
  16. Triggers by Joe Sugarman
  17. Breakthrough copywriting by David Garfinkel
  18. Made to stick by Heath brothers
  19. Elements of style by strunk and white
  20. The advertising solution by Craig Simpson
  21. The architecture of persuasion by Michael Masterson
  22. Building a story brand by Donald Miller
  23. Copy logic by Michael Masterson
  24. Crypto copywriting secrets by Ben settle
  25. Great leads by Michael Masterson
  26. Scientific advertising by Claude Hopkins
  27. Your magic powers of persuasion by Vernon Howard

What did I miss?

There are many great copy writing books out there.

Comment below if you have one I missed.