Ultimate list of Influencer and Blogger Networks

Ultimate list of Influencer and Blogger Networks

Bloggers have the power of influence over many market segments for just about any product or service.

There are lots of ways that a blogger can find work with brands.

One of the easiest ways, however, is to sign up to networks which connect brands and bloggers.

There are a lot of blogger networks out there, and I’ve compiled a list below of all of the ones that are currently on my radar.

These are Network of Bloggers also known as Influencer Marketplaces. They serve as the middleman or agency that helps connect the bloggers with brands and vice-versa.

Networks can help a blogger find paid work as well as product reviews, and I have found opportunities through many of these myself.

I am not talking about pitching directly to a brand in this post. Instead these are blogger outreach programs, Facebook groups, other blogs, social media channels, and mobile apps you can follow or register with to find out about collaboration opportunities.

Through their rapport with their readers, they can command a mass migration toward your brand, or a mass exodus away from it.

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach gives you the opportunity to tap into that rapport and bring your brand positive attention from those who matter most.

99% of the time, these bloggers are open to receiving targeted and valuable opportunities and will pass them on to their audience as well as through social media.

Guest posting on a blog carries two key benefits: Your name gets out there and on social media; and you get high-quality backlinks and fresh visitors to your site.

Gaining Popularity

Guest posting helps you to share your knowledge with people on a larger platform. You become better known to businesses and consumers in your niche, and your knowledge becomes more widespread as well.

You get to show a new audience the kind of awesome content you’re capable of writing.

You receive feedback from that audience in the form of comments, which can serve as a great barometer as far as the usefulness of the knowledge you’re imparting.

If it is, your popularity will explode accordingly, and people will begin to look at you as an expert. This can pay huge dividends down the road.

Guest blogging is one of the best approaches to get backlinks and authority to your site.

Backlinks are very useful and will help you increase your visitor count as well. The more backlinks you have from highly trusted sources, the more your ranking will increase.

Blogger  Networks

Ace Media: within your account you can view current collaboration opportunities, as well as media requests. There are some good brands offering collaborations.

Activate: Impact set up Activate a while back to connect brands and bloggers. Initially there weren’t many opportunities, and all seemed to be for US bloggers.

Affiliate Window Opportunity Marketplace: Opportunity Marketplace is part of the affiliate network Affiliate Window. Sign up to Affiliate Window (if not, create an account) and visit the Opportunity Marketplace from your dashboard.

In the marketplace you can create opportunities for advertisers to work with you. You let people know what you want (sponsored posts, giveaway prizes etc) and wait for responses.

Eqolot: sign up and apply directly for opportunities in the marketplace,. There are a mix of UK and German campaigns.

Bloggers Required: perhaps one of the most well-known networks. Product reviews and occasionally paid content.

There is a newsletter so you don’t have to check the site too regularly. You can also create an account and find out about member-only opportunities.

Blogl: this outreach company is aimed at UK bloggers. I am not completely sure how it works, however. Blogl are very active on their social media.

Brandbacker: this is an international site which facilitates product reviews. I have received a few products in the past. For the last few months, however, opportunities have only been for US bloggers.

Britmums: this is a parenting and lifestyle site which also runs Britmums Professional.

You can sign up to the separate area for Britmums Professional to find out about collaboration opportunities.

Buzzoole: this site pays in Amazon vouchers rather than cash.

You have to wait to be invited to campaigns, and you earn credits for your participation. When you get enough credits, you convert them to Amazon vouchers.

CollectivEdge: fairly regular campaigns with well-known brands.

You can apply directly from your dashboard after creating an account, and also get opportunities emailed to you.

Cooperatize: you need 1000 followers on both Twitter and Facebook in order to be able to view opportunities in the marketplace (called Crossroads). The opportunities I’ve seen lately have a travel blogger angle to them.

Find Your Influence: sign up, complete your profile and wait to be contacted with opportunities. I have been involved in some campaigns for them (they pay in USD).

Guest Bloggers Wanted: a UK and USA based network where you create a profile and then bid for jobs.

Intellifluence: PRs and brands can contact you directly through the site for review opportunities and paid posts. This US-based company has opportunities for UK bloggers too.

Inzpire.Me: create an account and link it to your social media channels.

You will complete a short unpaid assignment to show you how it works, and then wait for brands to contact you.

Joe Blogs: sign up on their website to receive their weekly newsletter. This contains information about any current campaigns they’re running. You can also follow them on Twitter for opportunities.

Massive Sway: I have been getting regular emails from these guys but all opportunities I’ve seen so far have been for US bloggers in particular.

Mumsnet Bloggers Network: Mumsnet is a parenting community, and its bloggers network has opportunities for product reviews.  You have to be a member of Mumsnet first, and then apply to join the network after that.

Obviously: US-based, but also has some really nice collaborations for bloggers from different countries.

Pay Per Post: I have only ever seen opportunities for bloggers from the US on here.

RewardStyle: this is an affiliate network which is great for fashion bloggers. You apply and wait to see if they accept you as a publisher, and then you can monetise your content through affiliate links. There are other sponsorship and collaboration opportunities available to members.

Shopping Links: I have only just signed up to this one so don’t have much to report yet. This has an international presence.

Shopstyle Collective: a little like RewardStyle, this is an affiliate network that allows you to create widgets and affiliate links to products you love, within your blog posts. Fashion and beauty bloggers will like this site. If you drive enough traffic and sales, you can be contacted directly by advertisers for further opportunities.

Social Fabric: for US and Canada bloggers only. Sign up to access collaboration opportunities tailored to you.

Starngage: an international site with paid campaigns and product reviews.

TapInfluence: I believe this is primarily a US blogger network. I have had a couple of collaboration opportunities sent to me since signing up.

Webfluential: you create a profile and online media kit which you can then approach partners with. Most opportunities seem to be overseas, although they do have a London office.

Woomio: create an online media kit by linking to your Analytics and social media accounts. Brands and partners will contact you with relevant opportunities.

Youzz: create a Youzz profile and log in to apply for campaigns. When a campaign is relevant to you, you also get an email about it.

Zeal Buzz: register with them on their website and keep an eye on their Twitter feed for potential opportunities.


Bloggers Facebook Group: A group for bloggers by bloggers.

Bloggers Promotion: Bloggers Promotion is a group about sharing. It provides a way for you to share your words, images, ideas and creativity with members all around the world.

Content Writers & Bloggers: Content Writers & Bloggers is a public group where more than 40,000 content writers & bloggers are busy to serve global clients.

Official UK Bloggers: a great group for UK bloggers to discuss blogging in general and share advice. Brands and PRs can also share collaboration opportunities within the group.

UK Blogger Opportunities: another really good Facebook group for UK bloggers who want to work with brands and review products.

Bloggers India: Blogger group focused on India.

Digital Marketers, SEO, SMO, SEM and Bloggers Community: Learn Digital Marketing from the best minds in digital marketing.

Find more Blogger groups on Facebook.


Reach out and grow your network using these blogging networks. If you have any questions or suggestions for other networks, please leave me a comment below.