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This simple saying I learned from the One Funnel Away Challenge keeps popping up in my mind.

So many entrepreneurs struggle to achieve their goals because they try to do it all.

They try to become great graphic designers.

They try to become awesome copywriters.

They try to become funnel hacking masters.

They try to be a Facebook ad gurus.

They try to be AdWords experts.

All this is good but the reality is you'll never be great at everything.

There's that old saying…

"If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."

This is a good saying but it's not good for entrepreneurs because in reality DONE is better than perfect.

It takes years to be an expert at just one of these skills.

If you want to succeed fast… you can't do it alone.

That's where the WHO comes in.

The WHO is your team.

The people that are going to help you execute on your vision.

Instead of asking yourself HOW, ask WHO.

  • ​Who is your graphic designer?
  • ​Who is your Facebook ads expert?
  • ​Who is your funnel builder?
  • ​Who is your developer?
  • ​Who is your social media expert?
  • ​Who is your copywriter?

Instead of trying to learn HOW, find the WHO's that can help you do the HOW faster.

That's the secret to building massive success.

There are not many millionaires out there who built their empires all by themselves.

You're not different.

Where do you find your WHO's?

All of these sites above are great places to find your team.

Start now, build your WHO before you need them.

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